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Dark Matters

by Molly Rhythm

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Prelude 01:45
Prelude - This is the last sound Reaching above ground Before the fallout This is a callout This is the last time Bask in the last wine Unstable, outstayed Brace for a downgrade A last warning A last chance Before ending all transmission So Cash the chips To trade for a one way trip to perdition We’ve got no choice Wa ah oh oh oh One heart one voice Wa ah oh oh oh And if anybody out there is still tuning in This broadcast is about to begin Wa ah oh oh
Octopus Trap 03:08
Octopus Trap - I've got plenty of traction And a running start factored in Eyes on the prize I breach the hatch I live to fly but ditched my sack Whatever it was that I wanted to prove Has been fueling wars and radiating cancerous self-deprecating hazardous waste Undertaking our very own viking funeral I’d love To turn it all to fuel I’d love to take you with me take heed! Mice and roaches have better sense Than this stubborn heart in my chest How can I explain these compulsions is it repulsive should I change? Is it deranged hounding my urges doggedly? Is it better to know better or so much worse to know better first? The farewell was terse it barely hurts when you're unfettered. I don't mean to desert them it's just this wormhole in my sternum. My nomadic heart has left me with Acardia Pardon Moi If it kill you Takotsubo /1 What to leave you when I leave you? I am long gone. I am not wrong. Acardia, have you no heart? I know you came for the ride But I'm going down with the ship Selfishly immolating I'd love to take you hostage Is it in my head? I will need you but I will fuck you and I will leave you. Just like I said. I don't mean to hurt them It's just this wormhole in my sternum.
Herd Mentality - Afraid to stand up or out to be noticed or heard I heard that herd mentality, oxytocin dependency I thrive deprived so challenge my mind I strive to find something outside of that herd mentality, oxytocin dependency *megaphone yelly part* Diamond face scrub exfoliant Pumpkin spice latte For sure to strike a neuron Living hopelessly conditioned Provokingly elicited Choh-oh-oh-king on emissions Destroy nature, corporations Making the poor eat and drink lead Haulting help denying healthcare Where is the road to utopia located? Born into a game I don't want to play Yeah but they force me to ‘cause of course they do We make the guns We make the fun We hold the rest of the world by the throat Were so afraid we hold the rest of the world by its throat
Fossil Fools - Fools for fossils Armed and hostile Cold Stolen earth highly pro-fit-able Tax powered bombs targeting Schools and hospitals Sentencing civilians to their death It isn’t theft if no one’s left Turning around doesn't prevent All of the shadows from looming behind you and darkening the doorway Plugging up ears cannot silence voices of victims. Our way of life is costly it demands sacrifice. Corporate arts & coffee shops To high end lofts is how it starts Displacing people we forgot Why don't you ask the last queen of Hawaii What she thinks about your honeymoon in paradise The holy lands for throwin trash Were burnin gas and terrorizing Mining stealing resources They keep us on our toes so we keep clocking in They don't want us to know What we’re sustaining, who were enslaving The holy lands for throwing trash And burnin gas and terrorizing
Ghosts Laugh 04:24
Ghosts Laughs NIkki Ghosts laugh Underneath their breaths at any ears to pass You can see their teeth grinding up all insecurities cold as death reviving of unconsciousness starving for heat they'll get you by the meat they'll catch you if you don't wake up from sleep eventually Elissa Saint Lazarus raise me, I've perished in the Fire, Seen the light, been purified what remains is as true as I can be crawling from my Russian doll shell cracking up my cell piece by piece I am released eventually I'll be made free, I'll be made free, I'll be free, I'll be free and you will hear me Lori Voices of the past harden around my soul like rock so thick I can barely hear you now but I will melt through it one day So let your core be soft and warm But let it burn down if you must you have my respect but not my trust think I'm ready to calmly erupt but don't explode.
Hunt 03:12
Hunt - 1...2..3…..10 ready or not, here I Come Box after box, all loaded in Strapped to a wristwatch Recollecting trauma when it’s only been an eon Retribution was agreed on Sweetly deemed easy prey one day surprise Carpe Diem Losing grasp on tactile humanity Numbing instinct for to keep our sanity suspended We pretended to be species elite and not primates elegantly dressed and role playing So are we above retribution when it's called for beyond a shadow of a doubt? (Rest) l can live forever plotting my revenge A bit of an obsession I am finding rather comforting Appreciate the journey going out and hunting heads Rehabilitation is dependent on your suffering RUN
A Hopeful Lament - What? What have I become? What was once so full of life frowns and grumbles and coughs up its’ lungz am I proud of what I see when I brush my teeth? When the ups and the downs even out and if it is something in the water we’ve never had a chance, so hopefully wisdom will take down the system when we all get too old to fight When self reformation and self transcendence conflict with self preservation do we lose all reservations and forget what's right, accept human nature and impending plight or do we dare brave self awareness and put up a fight Yo se lo que quiero cuando lo quiero Quiero lo que quiero porque no puedo tenerlo How has it slipped past my vision all these years? Why haven't I seen the reason of these tears? Have I been way up in the clouds? Where was this information when we sat down to read? and you needed me to see? what could have become of us? What could have become of me? What could have become of these streets, what could have been done from defeat progressively the shadows surround us and everything’s shrouded in greed, because we’ve allowed it to be. I know what I want when I want it But I know I can't have it I want what I want because I can't have it I know when I want it I know what I need when I need it You know I don't want it I Just I just I just need Oh I just need to want Oh I just need to want what I need
Epilogue 03:49
Epilogue - Hurling through space There's room to breathe Nice try, maybe next time We could get this right Leavin’ a planet smoldering behind At liberty to carry on Some other place En route to-o contaminate Some other world Panspermic quarantined syringe Streaking through space Maybe next time we could get this right Leavin’ a planet smoldering behind We'll always have Mars Press your face against the glass We'll always have Mars Shield your children from the blast We'll always have Mars Finally Free to destroy ourselves We'll always have Mars Maybe next time We could get this Right Leavin’ our planet smoldering behind Freedom to live Freedom to die freedom to kill freedom to survive out here the universe is ours again The universe is ours Freedom to live Freedom to die freedom to kill Freedom to keep something alive Out here where we belong the universe Is ours again the universe is ours


Although Molly Rhythm have went into hiatus we are very pleased to release their new album.

Molly Rhythm, Philly’s finest export, brought their unique mix of punk rock, ska and alternative music to you, in their new releases, titled. "Dark Matters".

If you've never heard of these dudes before, it's difficult to describe their sound, because really you have to listen for yourself, as each of their songs display a wide range of influences, that they mix up so well.

If you've been lucky enough to catch this band live, you will know that they are also fronted by the sickest duo ever seen on stage.

They deliver a theatrical, crazy, rollercoaster that melts your face off. and are also amazing punk rock cosmonaut musicians.

What we will let you know is, go and check out Nikki Nailbombs (Vocalist) new solo album, Nikki Nailbomb & The Amorphous Blob Orchestra (ABO).


released April 20, 2020

Molly Rhythm are:

Nikki - Vox
Elissa - Vox
Lori - Bass
Jonathan - Guitar
Jefferey - Sax
Erinn - Trombone
Zach - Drums

Special thanks to:
Kevin Pandele - Recorded at
Hannah Ueno - Artwork
Heather Rosenfeldt - Website & Documenter

Gordon for “special performances” and of course Griffin Sullivan the “# 1 Cat Herder”.


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Molly Rhythm New Jersey

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